solid surface

The whiteness of alumina trihydrate(ATH) can show the product’s quality.

On the one hand: Aluminum hydroxide itself is a high-white powder substance, and the precipitated aluminum hydroxide powder has a higher whiteness, but if the purity of the aluminum hydroxide raw material is relatively low, the whiteness of the finished product will decrease. The use of aluminum hydroxide powder with too low whiteness will cause low content and unstable oxygen index.

On the other hand: There are still some products that have very high requirements for whiteness, which require not only good flame retardant effect but also good whiteness and transparency like solid surface and white cable compound.

Therefore, the higher the whiteness of the aluminum hydroxide flame retardant, the better the product quality of the flame retardant and the better the use effect. On the contrary, the worse the quality, the worse the use effect.

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