The importance to use HFFR materials in the high-rise buildings

According to Yonhap News Agency in Seoul/Ulsan, South Korea, after fighting the fire for nearly 14 hours, South Korean firefighters completely controlled the fire in a 33-story apartment building in Ulsan, the southeastern city of the country on the 9th October local time.

The fire occurred at around 11:07 pm on the 8th, and then strong winds spread the fire to the entire building. South Korean officials said that hundreds of people were evacuated and at least 88 people were taken to nearby hospitals for treatment due to inhalation of heavy smoke. There are no reports of deaths.

The use of halogen-free flame retardant materials in high-rise buildings is quite essential. It is recommended to use aluminum hydroxide as a flame retardant for the foam insulation material, and HFFR wires should be used to prevent toxic gas from harming the people.

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