effects of mixing time of cable compounds

During the mixing process, the effect of the fusion of aluminum hydroxide and organic materials affects its mechanical properties. In order to determine the impact of the mixing time on the performance of the wire and cable compounds, it is concluded through experiments that when the mixing time is less than 120 seconds, the performance of the wire and cable pellets The tensile strength and elongation at break were obviously low, and they were basically normal after 180 seconds. Therefore, the ban burying of materials must be completed after the torque reaches the maximum value, that is, the materials are mixed uniformly and the plasticization process is completed, so as to ensure the mutual fusion of the materials and the stability of the product performance.

The chemical composition, particle size, and crystal shape of aluminum hydroxide powder will also affect its mixing and plasticization time with organic materials. Therefore, in order to obtain excellent performance wire and cable materials, it is necessary to base on the performance of aluminum hydroxide powder and the performance of each organic material. The mixing temperature, equipment performance, and production process are used to determine the best mixing time.

In addition to the effects of uniform mixing of the materials and mixing time, improving the heat resistance of aluminum hydroxide powder can keep the performance of the wire and cable stable at a higher processing temperature and can be used at a higher ambient temperature to improve safety in use.

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