Advantages of fine ATH as a Filler in Coating and Painting Industry

Fine alumina trihydrate with a low oil absorption feature, Zibo Pengfeng fine aluminum hydroxide will offer high loading capabilities.  2. High purity of fine alumina trihydrate will give the final product fewer defects in UV-cured products.  3. As a great extender for titanium dioxide(TiO2) and colors without compromising the brightness. 4. Reduce the usage of titanium dioxide meanwhile

Fine Aluminum Hydroxide in the Applications of Coating and Painting

1. Fine Aluminum Hydroxide enhance stain resistance: Aluminum hydroxide is insoluble in water and other solvents and can improve the stain resistance of the coating. 2. Enhance whiteness: Zibo Pengfeng fine ATH has high whiteness of more than 97%, much higher than conventional auxiliary pigments. High whiteness fine ATH is often used to expand the