Zibo Pengfeng aluminum hydroxide grades include:

PF-1 Fine Aluminum Hydroxide

PF-1P Ultra Fine Aluminum Hydroxide

PF-1S Coated Fine Aluminum Hydroxide

PF-MT-68 Multitasker Fine Aluminum Hydroxide

–Environmental-friendly flame retardant

Aluminum hydroxide as an eco-friendly replacement product to Halogen flame retardant products has been widely used in cable compounds and plastic industry. Especially its low smoke and non-toxic properties that make it one of the most preferable flame retardants. The general public awareness regarding environmental protection, driven also by higher standard official regulations, has generated huge demand for environmentally friendly solutions. Our aluminum hydroxide has played a major role in replacing halogen and smoke-reducing flame retardants, helping you meet higher safety standard and environmental regulations.

–Functional filler

Zibo Pengfeng's aluminum hydroxide series products are enhancing the properties of plastic products in multiple aspects. E.g. when plastic property caught fire, they give more time for people to escape by delaying fire's spreading and suppress harmful and unhealthy smog and fumes.

–Improving production efficiency

By using our aluminum hydroxides will reduce energy consumption when producing final product.

–Safety for disposal

All Zibo Pengfeng products, especially aluminum hydroxides are eco-friendly and do not contain any harmful substances. As a result, both the usage and successive disposal are nontoxic.