Applications of Zinc Borate Flame Retardant

Zinc Borate is a kind of environmental-friendly halogen-free flame retardant.

There are some formulations of xZnO.yB2O3.zH2O, in which Zinc Borate with 3.5 hydrates is called ZB-2335 (2ZnO.3B2O33.5H2O). It is the most commonly used grade. It owned some excellent properties, such as non-toxicity, slight solubility in water, good thermal stability, fine particle size, low specific gravity, great free-flowing, etc. 

1. Zinc borate can be used as multi-functional synergistic additives with antimony oxide or other halogenated flame retardants to significantly improve the flame-retardant performance, remove smoke emission, and adjust the balance on chemical, mechanical, electrical properties.

2. As environmental protection substitute to replace current Antimony Oxide or halogen flame retardants, Zinc borate is directly used in PVC, PE, Polyolefin, Epoxy Polyamide resins, and rubber processes. Moreover, it is widely used in textile, fiber, floor, leather, wallpaper, carpet, paint, and other decorative materials to improve flame retardant performance.

3. Base on its anti-static properties, zinc borate is widely used in mining plastic material, and used on anti-corrosion, infra-red absorption, fungicide for wood preservation fields.

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