Precipitated magnesium hydroxide has the advantages of high purity, good fluidity, ultra-fine particle size, and good thermal stability. It is non-volatile, does not generate toxic gases, and does not corrode processing equipment;

Precipitated magnesium hydroxide, soluble in strong acid and ammonium salt solution, insoluble in water, added to the system has good dispersibility and nano-activity; under the condition of almost not affecting the strength of use, it can significantly improve the flame retardancy of the material, Smoke suppression, anti-drip, filling and other properties.

Application range:

1. PA, PP, ABS, PVC, and other rubber and plastic composite materials

2. Unsaturated resin, polyester, paint, and coating

3. Cable sheath material, insulating material, modified PP, heat shrinkable plastic

4. Selective UV blocking material, light stabilizer

5. Building materials

6. Insulation material

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